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Videos and slides digitised. In those drawers at home or in a box under the stairs could well be a whole stack of valuable family memories on the verge of rotting away. Cellulose film has a finite life span and before you know it many of your old family photos on slide could turn to dust. OK so it’s not that bad, but it is certainly  inconvenient especially if the bulb has blown on your projector. Negative film and old prints also digitised and cleaned up.

Now is the time to fish out those old slides and get them digitally copied, cropped and cleaned up a little in the process. Once copied your slides can be returned to you as digital copies on DVD for playing from your DVD player or as digital image files from which you can have prints supplied.

Here are a few reasons for having your precious Photographs, 35mm Slides and Negatives put onto a DVD or CD for use on your Computer.

1.   If  your old photographs are beginning to fade !

2.   If  you have a large collection of 35mm slides or photographs !

3.   If  you wish they looked as they did when you took them !

4.   If  you would like to see your photos on your television !

5.   If  they are stuck at the bottom of a cupboard and  never see the light of day !

6.   If  some of them are damaged and you no longer have the negatives !

7.   If  you have only the negatives and not the photographs !

8.   If  you have developed APS film that requires scanning!

9.   If  you would like them on a CD/DVD disc to use on your computer !

10. If  you live in an area subject to flooding!

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Video and slides digitised:

Now is the time to get all those old and valuable memories on video tape or 35mm slide digitally copied and saved for your future generations.

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Video tape (VHS) of the kids growing up and family weddings parties etc are perhaps more at risk than your old slides as you probably keep on playing them. If the tape snaps or your old VCR ‘eats’ the tape you’ve got a problem.

Get them digitally copied now and save yourself a lot of heart ache.