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Good event photography is an art in itself. You need an event photographer with lots of experience and the ability to bring out the best in your guests. It’s all about having a bit of fun and letting the guests do what they want (up to a point!). We bring along all the necessary equipment and set up a photography area in your room.

Our Mitsubishi DYE SUB printer produces top quality prints pretty much instantly and these are presented to your guests in a mount to take home with them.

We are happy to attend any function and have lots of experience of School Proms, Military Balls, (RAF and ARMY), general dinner dances / charity events and corporate events / presentations.

We normally attend the ball for free making our return on the prints we sell. Prints are normally priced at £10 ea (inclusive of the mount). For schools and youth events we are happy to quote you a lower price.


Event photography:

Chris Mason and his team can attend your event (normally no charge) and produce instant prints in a mount for your guests to purchase on the night. School Proms, Balls, Dances etc.

Video and slides Weddings / Events Events.

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