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Computer lessons and upgrades. Do you need basic help with your PC? I can help you with Word Processing, Files and Folder use, the Internet, e-mailing and on-line security. Or perhaps you need more advanced tuition in Photoshop, Video Editing, Graphic Design or Website construction and publishing.

Is your PC / Laptop running slow and in need of servicing. I can get these precious pieces of hardware running a good deal better or add upgrades such as more RAM or Hard Drive capacity. Do you need data transferred from an old to a new machine? I’ll give your machine a good health check and if it’s time to say goodbye to it, I will tell you and advise you on a replacement machine. Also ethernet / home networks / routers installed / internet TVs set up.

Whatever you need I can tailor the tuition to your needs and ability levels. From basic computer skills such as word processing and on-line security to tuition in Photoshop, website design, graphic design (all software-based) or photography lessons, just give me a call.

Home networks and routers installed. Wifi problems addressed.

PCs built from scratch to your specifications.

Lessons / tuition from £15.00 per hour. Hardware and software installation from  £20.00 per hour.

Don’t be afraid of  your PC, take it by the horns and show it who’s boss!

PC / laptop tuition and services:

Is it all a little confusing? From basic to more advanced lessons, one-to-one tuition, I can help you. Software to hardware, home networks and upgrades and if it’s a sow’s ear I’ll tell you.

Web & graphic design Video and slides

Are you new to the world of computing? Maybe a silver surfer?

Is your PC being a real pain? Are you in need of a little help?

I can help you to master the thing.

Give Chris a call on 01347 848778 or 07860 326700.